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FEMME, FIGURE, FITNESS Online Coaching - designed for Figure, Fitness, Physique & Bikini Models and Non Competitive Individuals.

Named 'Australasia's most successful exponent of the sport of all time' by the Sydney Morning Herald, I am to date the only female from the South Pacific ever to qualify for the Figure Olympia on US soil. I am also the first competitor from Australia in the 10-year history of the Arnold Classic event to compete in the PRO Figure division, the most prestigious event for a competitor. I have taken this sport to a whole new level and having established myself as a Top International Figure Professional & Cover Model. I am now ready to share my knowledge and expertise and help others follow my footsteps.

It is my passion to train people of all levels and help make their dreams a reality. Being a mother of three, I know how challenging life can be but it shouldn't stop us from achieving our goals and aspirations. It was only after the birth of my two boys (Dylan & Jaime) that I commenced the journey of competitive Body Shaping and successfully reached the top not only in Australia but world wide. People will often ask me how I did it! Jaime had only turned 1 when I won my first Australian National Title. If I did it in less than 12 months after giving birth, then I know you can to and that is my goal, to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your body and to teach you the best way to get the body you have always dreamed of. Whether you would like to compete or simply be in the best shape of your life, I will show you how to get there. Some of my qualifications include;

  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness - Australian Fitness Academy
  • 4 x Australian National Figure Champion
  • IFBB Figure Professional (Ranked top 10 Figure Pro in the World)
  • ANB Australian National Figure Champion
  • NABBA Australia Judge
  • 12 year competitive history
  • 25 years in the Fitness Industry
  • 33 years on stage & performance experience
  • Professional Dancer & Choreographer
  • Aerobics Ozstyle Ch 10 Instructor
  • Runner up National Aerobics Champion
  • TV Fitness Presenter for Ch 9 & 10
  • Fitness Writer for Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness magazines
  • International Fitness & Cover model - Appeared in over 200 publications World Wide including 15 Front Covers
  • Mother of three

"Australia's most successful exponent of the sport of all time"

I will teach you the correct way to eat & train in order to achieve optimum results. It is not necessary to starve yourself to loose weight and tone up. You and I will work together by choosing the foods you like, enjoying a well balanced and nutritional diet ensuring your journey is a successful and enjoyable one. Most importantly, your daily plan should be one you can maintain for many years to come. Let's face it, there is no point getting in shape unless you can stay that way!

You and I will be in contact via email, which I refer to as updates. Updates are sent through every Friday unless otherwise specified, and this is where you can ask me questions, get support, feedback etc. Your updates will also include two photographs of your self, front and back (wearing a bikini), so that I may assess your physique and make changes to your programs as we go along. I will respond to you as soon as I can, normally on the same day or next, at the latest. If competing, I will guide you through step-by-step including the final weeks water, sodium and carbohydrate manipulation.

I believe everyone is different and require an individual approach to competition and/or training prep. All of my programs are designed for each individual and to suit their needs and lifestyle. Being a 'Top IFBB Figure Pro' and 'Australasia's most successful Female Body Shaper of all time', I have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve the fit and healthy physique you have always wanted. I have and continue to produce champions. I love what I do and sharing my knowledge to others and seeing them succeed, brings me so much joy.


FEMME, FIGURE, FITNESS Face-to-Face Personal Training

Face-to-face sessions are conducted at Snap Fitness, 113-115 Anzac Parade Kensington. Please contact me for more information or to schedule a time. Sessions can be paid on line through paypal, direct deposit or cash at time of session. If paying cash on day, payment must be made prior to commencement of session. Outdoor training sessions can also be arranged which would consist of a high intensity PLYOMETRIC & TRACK workout. I incorporate Plyometrics into my routine and find this type of workout very useful to tone, trim and shape up creating a more slender and streamlined appearance. E-mail me to schedule your session.


FEMME, FIGURE, FITNESS Posing & Choreography

I have 33 years of Professional Dance and Performance experience, 12 years competitive background and am well known for my posing and stage presence. People will often identify my clients by the way they carry themselves on stage. With my first hand experience, I will teach you everything you need to know from how to walk on and off stage, relaxed poses, mandatory poses and even strategically placed poses! I will boost your confidence by ensuring you are spot on with every move, leaving no questions unanswered. My techniques will enhance your physique and help bring out your best on stage. All Posing sessions are $135 and clients are advised to wear a bikini or tight clothing so that I may assess and critique your physique as we progress through the session. Don't forget your posing shoes!


FEMME, FIGURE, FITNESS Terms & Conditions

There is no refund or time extensions on packages under any circumstances. Whenever a package is purchased each client enjoys a heavily discounted 'package price' and as a consequence once the package has commenced most of the original 'package price' will have already been spent. Planning and consideration takes place prior to the 1st diet or workout being issued.

Photographs & filming are strictly prohibited during all sessions

No friends or spectators whilst session is taking place

If session is cancelled with less than 24 hours before the session is scheduled to take place, the full rate will be charged.


To purchase your desired training program or package please visit Pro Shop. I am excited to have you on the team and to help achieve your dreams.

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